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5 Golden Rules for a White Kitchen Decoration

5 Golden Rules for a White Kitchen Decoration

White kitchens are not only a popular choice for celebrities but also a common dream. Many homeowners now want it, and there are many reasons why. It looks elegant and luxurious. It is possible to give your whole house a makeover by simply changing your brown, shabby kitchen to a sophisticated, white one. They can also make smaller kitchens appear larger, which is great for making small spaces feel bigger. A white kitchen allows you to experiment with different styles. You can add a little bit of color here or there to create a completely new look. It is a one-time investment.

Here are some golden rules to remember. It can become an eyesore. Have a look.

Think White Cabinets

If you’re thinking about a white kitchen remodel, then consider white kitchen cabinets. There are many white cabinets on the market today, including vintage white kitchen cabinets and white shaker cabinets. You can also choose from polar cabinets or white shaker cabinets. One might be better suited for traditional interiors while the other is more suitable for modern ones. So, do pick wisely. You might be asking yourself, where can I buy these cabinets? These cabinets can be purchased at very affordable prices from a variety of online shops.

5 Golden Rules for a White Kitchen Decoration

Add hues

This is the second golden rule. I wouldn’t say that it should be boring to use just white. A little bit of red and yellow here, or some lime green and turquoise there and there can break up the monotony and lift the look.

Lights Have a Role To Play

And, yes, don’t forget about the lights. A white kitchen without lights can look sloppy. Ask an interior decorator for suggestions. If you don’t have the option, ask them to recommend some lights. White kitchens and chandeliers can be like best friends. You can find them in a good shop at very affordable prices.


It is important to consider the countertop. A colorful countertop will be a good choice if you have a white kitchen. Granite countertops look classy and are durable so get them. Marbles are another option. This is yet another golden rule to keep in mind.

Keep It Simple

Finally, keep it simple. For a classic look, choose steel and nude colors to complement the white kitchen. For the rest, choose two colors to complement the decor. Don’t go too extravagant and be aware of all the details. A simple thing like a window curtain can also ruin decor. Be careful!